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Discover Bendigo’s breathtaking beauty and access all these photos and more. We’re certain you will be pleased with these eye-catching images. These photographs show the distinct charm and character of this dynamic Australian city, from the historic buildings to the lush greenery of the surrounding countryside.


All users of Bendigo Stock Photos get unlimited access to download as many photos as they want. The monthly subscription and one-month access both have access to unlimited downloads. We won’t stop you from creating something beautiful.  

Our professional monthly subscription option charges a monthly fee to access the unlimited gallery. 
We add new photos every month based on local events and seasonal themes.
Our subscription includes a monthly newsletter with a seasonal photo pack.

Your monthly subscription renews every month to the day. 
You can cancel your subscription at any time.
You will lose access to the online gallery immediately when you cancel your ongoing subscription. You will also lose your lock-in price.

The Enthusiast One-Month Access package will give you unlimited access to the stock photo gallery for 1 month before expiring. This package does not renew. You will not be able to access new photo packs as they become available.

Your monthly subscription price is for the life of your account with us. So if we change the cost of the signup subscription changes, you keep the initial price you locked in with us!

Our photos are provided in a variety of sizes from 16mp to 24mp. 

You will always be given the option to download the photo at the highest resolution possible. 

We are a speciality stock photo website. We only stock images of Bendigo and surrounding townships. However, our photographers try to provide a broad range of photos captured in other categories too.
Because we mainly specialise in landscape, event photography and photojournalism. We do not provide an extensive range of general index photos. So you may be better off visiting a large company stock photo website if you are looking for generalist images.
If you are looking for photos of Bendigo in detail, then we have something from every corner and aspect of the lifestyle this wonderful city has to offer.

Unfortunately, because of the nature of our work and our desire to keep it exclusive, we don’t have free download options available. 

All purchases are final. 
You can cancel your ongoing subscription at any time via your my account dashboard. 
We don’t give out refunds because once you have access to the photo gallery, we can’t stop you from downloading photos. 
We’re not a big fancy company with fancy technology. 
If you feel you did not get your value for money your welcome to email us.