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Photos included under the License Agreement for Business Customers can only be used by purchasing a membership subscription with Photos of Bendigo. Photos that can’t be downloaded through membership subscription are not included in this license. See the other license for priavte consumers or read our disclaimer about images that are not available.

By purchasing and downloading photos from the website you have read and agree to follow the terms and conditions of usage.


Business customers who purchase images from Photos of Bendigo do so with the intent to use photos for or on behalf of a business or organisation.

Business customers who purchase images from do not need to provide accreditation with the use of these images.

Business customers who purchase images from can use images of people depicted in the image.

Business customers who purchase images from do so understanding they have a limited usage right to the share and print photos.

Business customers who purchase images from do so understanding the Photos of Bendigo does not take responsibility for how they may use the photos.

Business customers who purchase images from do so understanding they can not resell photos or share the photos to a third party.

Business customers who purchase images from Bendigo.Photos do so at their own risk for third party copyright infringement.

Acceptable Usage

Photos of Bendigo wants to make it as easy as possible to download and use photos so we have listed below examples of how you can go about using your purchased images.

Websites, Social Media and Online Presence.

You can use your photos on your own website, Facebook page or social media accounts. You do not need to credit Photos of Bendigo to use a picture you paid for.

Examples of acceptable usage for online presence
  • Example – For your profile picture on LinkedIn
  • Example – As a post on your Instagram account
  • Example – On your website

Printed, Physical copies

You can print your digital copy of a photo on to something physical that you will keep in your place of work.

Examples of acceptable usage for print
  • Example – Printing a 4x6inch glossy photo at a third-party printer.
  • Example – Ordering a product with your photo printed on it like a mug, keychain, or mouse pad from third-party manufactures.
  • Example – Framing a photo in canvas to be displayed on a wall in your place of work.


The Bendigo Stock Photos service is available for people over the age of 13 years. You can use the Bendigo Stock Photos service on behalf of a company, organization, or other kind of entity, you represent.

Membership Account

Membership information may be used to certify that you are the receipt purchaser of images. You should fill out account information correctly otherwise you may risk copyright infringement.

Trademark and Third-party infringement

Some photos may or may not feature trademarks, logos, brands or work of art that are protected under copyright laws. Photos of Bendigo grants the right to use the digital image but not the use of other copyright-protected content such as distinguishing trademarks, logos, brands or work of art within your advertising campaign.

You may need to independently source the permission of the brand owner or author of other copyright protected content seen within images.

Image release form

Models depicted within photos have signed image release forms for their likeness to be used in promotional adverting.

Fictional names may be changed for narrative purposes.

Their likeness can not be used for obscene or malicious purposes.

Perpetual Usage

The photos you download from has no expiration or end date on your rights to use the content. If you end your membership with Photos of Bendigo you can continue using the photos that you have already downloaded.

Unlimited Useage

The photos you download from can be used for any number of varying projects or adverting campaigns.

Non-exclusive Usegae

Membership holders understand that photos downloaded from this website can be used by other businesses or entities. Business customers do not own an exclusive right to photos purchased on this website.

Unacceptable Usage

Photos of Bendigo does not allow customers to resell or redistribute photos to third parties, nor do they permit online defamation or misappropriation of people and or their likeness. You can not use Photos of Bendigo images in a malicious or criminal matter. You may not attribute yourself as the original creator of photographic work you have downloaded.

Photos of Bendigo reserves the right to enforce copyright infringement notices and bring civil claims against people who violate any of our End User License terms and conditions.

Examples of unacceptable usage

Example – Redistribute photo to people outside your own immediate family.
Example – Using a photo to solicit harm against an individual.
Example – Modifying a photo to depicted someone in an inappropriate form.
Example – Listing photos for sale on another website.
Example- Claiming you created the photographic content.

Contact Us

Contact us if you are unsure of how you can use your photos.

License updates

This license agreement was last updated 18/02/2021

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